This is where you can buy your online Spanish classes.

Once you have signed up and we have designed your curriculum and your class schedule, it is time for you to start learning and enjoying Spanish online.

You can purchase your Spanish classes here. The 30-minute tokens can be purchased individually - you can buy one or add the number of classes you want to the cart - or you can buy them in packages. We currently have the PLUS package -20 tokens of 30 minutes that you can combine as you want with a 5% discount- and the PREMIUM package -50 tokens of 30 minutes to combine as it suits you with a 10% discount.

To be able to start your online Spanish class you must have purchased them at least 24 hours in advance.

To buy the group classes, we must first ensure there is a group at the appropriate level for you at the time you have requested.  So, make your request and we’ll send you a confirmation when your group has been confirmed.  You can enroll with a group of people you already know like friends, college or work colleagues that have a level similar to yours, or you can enroll on your own and leave finding classmates up to us!

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