Terms and Conditions

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Company data

  • ISLA Online Spanish S.L.
  • NIE: B37575917

Description of services

ISLA Online Spanish S.L. offers a platform for students to learn about and book online Spanish classes, and allows teachers to offer their online tutoring services. It also makes several resources available for them, including user registration, online payment and student evaluation. All classes are taught by ISLA Online Spanish S.L.

Personal information of students

During registration the user must provide their name, surname and e-mail address. The user is responsible for the correct input of this data. In doing so the user authorizes ISLA Online Spanish S.L. to send them emails concerning their online course.

Privacy of personal data

ISLA Online Spanish S.L. will treat the personal data of users with absolute confidentiality and in accordance with current legislation (Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights). For more information, please consult our privacy policy.

The teachers

All teachers are experts in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

After the user has purchased their required amount of capsule classes, the company will assign a teacher to them. Every effort will be made to establish lesson times of optimal convenience to student and teacher. Most of our teachers combine their online teaching activity with presential lessons at our centre. During their holiday period a substitution teacher will be provided.

At the time of booking classes, the user may request a specific teacher they have met at ISLA Salamanca and we will try our best to meet their wishes. However, assignment of a different teacher is not grounds for free cancellation of the order.

Classification test

We do require all non-beginner users, though, to take our classification test so we can make this session as useful as possible.

Certificate of use

Once the user has completed their online classes or whenever they request it (as long as they have taken a minimum number of 10 classes) they will receive a certificate of achievement which states their name, level, the type of course received, the number of hours and a brief evaluation. The certificate will be stamped and signed by ISLA Online Spanish S.L. and will be sent to the user by email. The user can opt to receive a certificate by postal mail if they pay shipping costs.


To commence lessons prior payment is required 24 hours in advance via online payment by card, paypal or bank transfer.


ISLA Online Spanish S.L. courses are exempt from VAT.


You’ll receive a receipt of payment. If you need a tax invoice in the name of a company please provide us with the name, address and VAT number.


The user can book their chosen number of tokens via the ISLA Online Spanish platform. There is no minimum number. Each token lasts 30 minutes and users can bundle more than one. ISLA Online Spanish S.L. offers discounts on the purchase of high quantities of tokens. Tokens are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable but can be transferred to third parties to be enjoyed in this time frame.

Change of lesson type

If the user has purchased a package of a certain tokens type (individual, group) and wishes to change it for another (eg group classes instead of individual classes), they will be liable to pay the difference in the case of a higher value package. If the user changes from a more expensive option to a cheaper one, they are not entitled to a refund.

Postponing classes/Changing class times

In the event of ISLA Online Spanish S.L. being forced to cancel a class less than 24 hours in advance due to illness or a force majeure the class will be rescheduled if no substitute teacher can be found.

In order to change the time or day of a class the user should contact their teacher or the ISLA Online Spanish S.L. staff 24 hours in advance.

If the user needs to cancel a class less than 24 hours in advance, they should send their request with a reason to ISLA Online Spanish S.L. who will consider whether the class can be made up or not.

If the user connects late but within a grace period of 10 minutes the session will not be cancelled but the time lost will not be made up. If the user is more than 10 minutes late the class will be cancelled and there is no right to refund.

If there are technical problems during the class, either on the side of the user or ISLA Online Spanish S.L. any lost time will be recovered in the next session. If the technical problems persist on the part of the user, ISLA Online Spanish S.L. reserves the right to temporarily suspend these classes until the technical problems have been solved.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The user may print a physical copy of materials of the courses in which they are enrolled for their personal use and for learning purposes. Reproduction and/or distribution to third parties is be allowed. The user may download listening comprehension material for later reproduction. Reproduction and/or distribution to third parties is not allowed.


Any complaints should be made via email to ISLA Online Spanish S.L. info@isla-online-spanish.com