Cómo se estudia en ISLA online
Cómo se estudia en ISLA online

Three key things to online Spanish learning with us:


Online classes. You and your teacher will be communicating through a multi-conference platform called Zoom. Relax, you will not have to install a complex program in your computer. All you need to do is click on the link that we will send to your chosen device before your first class.

Why do we use Zoom? Because it allows us to use live many teaching tools, such as sharing part of the screen so explanations are easier to understand and you can do exercises with corrections in real time. It also has high quality video and audio which are pretty key to language learning- and, the deal-breaker: you can record and save your online classes online so you can go back to them at any time.

The Virtual Classroom. This is where you will find all the materials, tasks and additional resources that you will use with your teacher and on your own too if you want to do some extra. We’ll give you a username and password to get into the Virtual Classroom prior to your first class.

Once inside, you will find your course materials in addition to different sections like news, additional resources and so on.  The various resources pertinent to your course will be organized by thematic blocks. Some you’ll do directly on the platform and others you will use in the class with your teacher.



Evaluation and certificate. At ISLA online we have two types of evaluation: periodic testing and a final examination.

Periodic evaluation is carried out through simple short tests which give us clues about where we need to place more emphasis in your classes. At the end of your course you’ll sit an exam which will enable us to make a final evaluation of the level achieved. Your course certificate will reflect your final level and hours of course attendance.