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Cómo se estudia en ISLA online

Signing up is simple and you only have to do it once!

Here’s the process, step by step:


If you’re decided on studying online and have a little Spanish (even if it’s just a tiny bit), take our level test so that we know exactly where your Spanish is. Total beginners do not need to do this!

You’ll receive feedback of the test results and now you can take a free trial session to find out how the online school works and see whether it is for you. You’ll find the trial session request form in several places on the web. Once we get your request we will contact you to arrange the day and time of your test class.



You’ve done your trial session, liked it and now it's time to decide how you're going to study. We have three different options: individual, mini group and group. Individual lessons are classic one-to-ones: just you and your teacher. With the other options you’ll be sharing your lessons either with worldwide classmates or with a private group of friends or colleagues from a videoconferencing suite or each from their own home!

The when, you decide. Schedule classes at the time and day of the week that best suits you.  You can do them for 30 minutes or combine several tokens to make them longer, and they do not always have to last the same amount of time: one day you might want a class of 30 minutes and another one of 1 hour or even more. But always 30-minute fractions.



Now you’ve sorted how and when to study Spanish, it's time for you to sign up! To do this, just click registration and fill out the form. There is no registration fee.

You’ll receive confirmation of your enrolment and we’ll establish your study plan. Now it’s time to purchase your lessons. Please note that this needs to happen at least 24 hours before commencing your class. You can buy classes individually by selecting the number of tokens you want.  Or you can order one of our package deals.

And now, you are ready to go!