Oferta de cursos de español online
Oferta de cursos de español online

What to expect from ISLA - Your Online Spanish School

We’ve been offering Spanish courses online via Skype for several years. This interest in online learning just gets bigger and bigger as we all discover the possibilities that the internet has to offer.

So we’ve decided to seize the moment, upload our entire method to the e-learning cloud and launch a new ISLA – Your Online Spanish School!

With a new multi-conference platform that allows us to give group classes in addition to the private ones, we have also opened the doors of a new virtual classroom, where you will find all the notes, resources and materials you need for your classes and to which you can upload the homework for your teacher to correct.

We are 100% flexible and adaptable to your needs. There are different types of courses and lessons are sold in Handy thirty-minute tokens that can be bundled as best suits you.


Different ways to learn Spanish online

The classic one to one it will be just you and your your teacher . These lessons are ideal if you need 100% attention during the class or simply prefer a conversation between two.

<strong>GROUP</strong> GROUP
You’ll be between two and six students – an international group of friends! You will attend lessons as if you were at in ISLA Salamanca but from your home. Interaction and collaboration are the main advantages of learning Spanish online in a group.


Token lessons, the new way to configure your online class calendar

We have designed what we call token lessons, which are 30-minute classes that you can configure and bundle however you like. So you can do one or several followed the days of the week that you prefer.

So if you don’t have a lot of time during the week, you could just thirty minutes but come the weekend bundle three capsule classes together and do an hour and a half. With this formula we give you freedom and flexibility so that your online Spanish classes adapt to your daily life.

And with an exceptionally flexible schedule as we give classes 24/7.

clases de español online


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